Curated fitness

The Body Shed is a one stop shop for all your fitness needs

International fitness presenter Dede McGarrity is behind this curated fitness experience. A place for you to work out with a wide range of easy to follow, innovative fitness concepts – that get results. 

Personally crafted workouts using cutting edge programmes through EMS (Electrical Muscular Stimulation), Yoga Trapeze, Barre Pilates, and TRX.

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Electrical stimulation creates involuntary muscle contraction

Yoga Trapeze

Functional pulling, pushing and holding strength motions


Ballet and isometric movement meet for sculpting, strengthening and stretching


Prepare and repair your body. Holistic and simplistic


Strength, balance and core.

As a leading international Fitness presenter and master trainer, Dede McGarrity has developed and launched worldwide teacher-training programmes in Zumba, DanceFit, Barre and Pilates. Her wealth of experience and knowledge ensures Dede produces individual and specifically tailored, targeted programmes for each one of her clients from her private studio in Surrey.

Originating from the world of theatre, Dede’s career as a professional Director/choreographer adds an extra dimension to her teaching methods. Her ability to consistently create ground-breaking global theatre productions is a skill that Dede has transferred into her personal training sessions – meaning you receive not only a perfectly balanced and safe programme designed specifically for your needs, but also one that is delivered with a contagious enthusiasm and element of entertainment that will motivate and encourage you to get the results desired.

Dede has a vast knowledge of the anatomy precision and alignment of the body and with her many years in the industry is equipped to provide you with a bespoke roadmap to accomplish your health, fitness, and goals.

Dede is celebrated and supported by the testimonials below:

“Dede has been a part of curating and rolling out some of the world’s most popular fitness programmes. Her knowledge as a performer, Teacher, Director and choreographer ensures any client I send her way will benefit on many levels including breath, posture and stamina – all crucial and vital traits for the west-end performer.”

Matthew Shaw


“Dede has evolved her fitness training to align with the needs of her client community and I am so happy to be a part of it! I could never dream I would be in such good shape both mentally and physically.”

Maria Ryan
(Personal training client).


“It is always a delight and honour to work alongside Dede. Her passion and dedication to our industry is monumental. Her drive to constantly learn and deliver the very best to her clients is inspiring and exciting. She really is the very essence of our industry.”

Andrea Domin
(Pilates Presenter/Teacher-trainer).

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